Total Learning™ Methodology

Extramarks follows a 3-pronged approach that provides learner-centric teaching-learning environment and ensures comprehensive learning.
Extramarks’ adaptive learning approach adopts game-based, thematic pedagogy for junior learners and hierarchical, layered methodology for senior learners. The learning solutions are delivered through robust technology, making learning process easy, effective and engaging.

Extramarks products

For Learners

  • Smart Study Pack, App, Tablet and Stick for Grade 1 – Form 4

    After-school solutions by Extramarks that help maintain the continuity of learning from classroom to home.
  • Kids learning by Extramarks App and Tablet

    Designed to enhance learning and imagination in toddlers like never before, Kids learning by Extramarks comes pre-loaded with fun-filled learning tools and intelligence-building games.
  • Career Assessment Programme

    A comprehensive tool that assesses learners' personality, aptitude and career preferences to guide them towards the best-suited career path.

Extramarks products

For Schools

  • Extramarks O3 (One-On-One Learning) Programme

    Equips every teacher and learner with a personal device, uniquely programmed to create a collaborative and real-life teaching-learning environment in the classroom.
  • Extramarks Smart Class

    Transforms traditional classrooms into engaging, learner-centric environment by integrating state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and International Curriculum and ZIMSEC multimedia learning content.
  • Assessment Centre

    A scientifically-designed software platform that facilitates and automates the assessment activities in a school, right from creation of exam papers to marking and reporting.
  • School Management System

    A powerful, user-friendly ERP platform that automates and standardises critical processes of a school, such as new admissions, performance monitoring, staff management, attendance, payroll and many more!